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Does God “Slut-Shame”?

Does God slut-shame? (FYI, “slut-shaming” means making someone, usually a woman or girl, feel inferior for deviating from traditional gender expectations, especially in areas of sexuality.) Here are some Bible verses similar to the language of slut shaming:You played the whore because
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Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse creates in people a deep sense of shame and a warped sense of honor. Because the issue is so globally pervasive, I suspect you’ll find this interview informative for ministry. Anthony has lived in a Muslim country for 20+
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God’s Face

Christian workers will never eliminate social face, nor should they attempt to. A better approach to “face” is to reorient cultural face around God’s face. Fortunately, the Bible has much to say about face; it is a significant concern for
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Got Face?

Imagine if I showed you this picture, and said, “Here is a picture of my daughters. Aren’t they adorable?”Why wouldn’t that work? Our physical face is how other people know and recognize us. Our public identity is intimately connected with our
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Yes, I Do Believe in Sin.

I often hear this, “Your ideas about shame are helpful, but what about sin?” People assume that since I talk about God’s salvation from shame, that I don’t believe much about sin (which is a rather curious assumption IMO). So
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Culture Profile: Ireland

Guest blogger Roy Angle has lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland for 12 years. Though it may surprise people, honor and shame play unique roles in Irish culture, due in part to Ireland’s Latin roots.What does honor and shame look
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What the Bible Says About Honor & Shame

This posts explains (almost) everything the Bible says about honor and shame, which is a fair amount. Instead of being a book or article, it is three pictures…technically, word clouds. The concepts of honor and shame extend far beyond the words
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10 Ways the Cross Atones for Shame

Guest Mark Baker (Ph.D., Duke) is Professor of Mission and Theology at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. Two of his books Recovering the Scandal of the Cross and Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross explore the saving significance of the cross.  
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Bonhoeffer’s Theology of Shame

Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-45) speaks about shame in his book Ethics. Bonhoeffer’s unflinching zeal and brilliant mind generated great reflections on the topic of shame, which I’ve summarized in five points below. 1-Shame is the result of disunion/estrangementPeople perceive their
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VBS is Shame-less (Individualism vs. Collectivism)

My dear three-year old  came home from Vacation Bible School eager to show me her activity poster (below).  I read it, and complimented her work. Then as any good father would, I sat her down to explain the individualism of
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Mission Frontiers Issue on Honor/Shame

The current issue of Mission Frontiers “The Power of Honor” covers the topic of honor & shame. This journal from Frontier Ventures (formerly U.S. Center of World Missions) contains two lead articles from myself (“The Gospel the World is Waiting For“) and
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Top Honor/Shame Blogs of 2014

To celebrate the New Year, here are the top blogs posts (based on comments and views) from 2014. 8.  Why Western Culture Neglects Honor & Shame – Learn why Western civilization is shameless. 7.  6 Places Honor & Shame Hide in
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Worshipping God for Removing Shame

I spent last weekend with ethnic pastors worshipping God for His salvation for shame. It was an amazing time! We gathered church leaders from 8 different ethnic congregations (including Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and multi-ethnic English) to discuss
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New book: THE 3D GOSPEL

Learn how the gospel speaks to all cultures. Western theology emphasizes legal forgiveness of sins, but people in the Majority World seek honor or spiritual power.  In today’s globalized world, Christians need a three-dimensional gospel. Learn how the Bible speaks to cultures
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The Disgraced Human Family (Gen 4-11)

After the fall of Adam and Eve, the storyline of Genesis reads like a season of Arrested Development (or any other sitcom about a dysfunctional family) – a series of episodes featuring the human family’s disgrace and dysfunction.  Humans sense
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7 Subcultures of Shame in America

Shame is a dominant moral emotion in many pockets of American society.  These subcultures use public praise and scorn to regulate behavior.  In such groups, a person’s reputation is determined by their ability to meet the group expectations, the unwritten
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ISIS – Terrorizing or Shaming?

Guest blogger Colin E. Andrews has lived in Central Asia for 10 years and Southeast Asia for 4 years.  The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has been in the headlines for months now. Western journalists and governments have
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The Cost of (Unequal) Wealth

The facts are in regarding economic inequality. It exists!In America, the top 1% own 33% of the wealth in America, the next 9% own another third, and the bottom 90% of Americans own the final 33% of wealth.  (The bottom
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Top 7 Honor-Shame Videos

I created a new resources page of videos I commonly use when doing honor-shame trainings. If you only have time to watch one, I recommend the 2-minute “Africa Mercy Ships“.  It is powerful, encouraging, and illuminating. The videos include: TEACHINGS ON
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Another FREE BOOK, and HS Missiology

WIN ANOTHER FREE BOOK! We are doing one more promotional book giveaway.  Last week’s winners of Misinterpreting Scripture were Clive of Chicago, who learned of @HonorShame on Twitter from Mike in Long Beach. This week’s book is Shame Interrupted: How God
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