Books (for practitioners)

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further books for: 

15 x 15 iconMuslim ministry: Honor and Shame: Unlocking the Door, Ronald Mueller. This $5 e-booklet introduces the differences between guilt, shame and fear-based cultures, along with implications for Muslim evangelism. Also, Touching the Soul of Islam, Bill Musk.

15 x 15 icon pastoral ministry: Grace for Shame: The Forgotten Gospel, John Forrester. A helpful work helping pastors understand and address shame in Western churches.

15 x 15 icon theology: Restoring the Shamed: Towards a Theology of Shame, Robin Stockitt. A philosophical work on the nature of shame and explanation of Jesus’ atoning life.

15 x 15 icon missiology/theology:  Saving Gods’ Face by Jackson Wu. An academic contextualization of Romans and the atonement for Chinese contexts; excellent exegetically and missiologically.

15 x 15 icon missiology: About Face: Rethinking Face for 21st Century Mission, Chris Flanders. An academic look at face in Thai culture and insightful atonement theory for face-oriented cultures.

15 x 15 icon counseling: Shame and Grace: Healing the Shame We Don’t Deserve, Lewis Smedes. A popular work for helping Christian counselors to address shame among Westerners. Also, The Soul of Shame, Curt Thompson.

15 x 15 icon Bible interpretation: Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, Richards and O’Brien. Incredibly accessible and insightful, for hermeneutics and global ministry. Also, The Honor-Shame Paraphrase.

15 x 15 icon New Testament studies: Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity, David deSilva. The best book on Mediterranean social values for NT interpretation. Also, Honor and Shame in Matthew, Jerome Neyrey and Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth Bailey.

15 x 15 icon Old Testament studies: Honor and Shame in the Book of Esther, Timothy Laniak. An insightful look at the dynamics of honor and shame in ancient Israel in the narrative of Esther.

15 x 15 icon personal growth:Shame Interrupted, Ed Welch and I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t), Brene Brown. Both top-selling books help Westerners overcome destructive shame.

Online Articles

All these articles are available as free downloads. Just click the hyperlinks.

15 x 15 icon  “The 8 Guidelines for Relationships in Honor-Shame Cultures,” Jayson Georges and Mark Baker (chapter excerpted from book)

15 x 15 icon “From Shame to Honor: A Theological Reading of Romans for Honor-Shame Contexts,” by Jayson Georges (Missiology, 2010)

15 x 15 icon “Does the ‘Plan of Salvation’ Make Disciples?: Why Honor and Shame are Essential for Christian Ministry” by Jackson Wu (Asian Missions Advance, 2016)

15 x 15 icon  “Human Identity in Shame-Based Cultures of the Far East” by Timothy Tennent (book excerpt)

15 x 15 icon “The Saving Significance of the Cross in a Honduran Barrio” by Mark Baker

15 x 15 icon “The Return of Shame” Andy Crouch (Christianity Today, March 2015).

15 x 15 icon “Disgraced Yet Grace: The Gospel According to 1 Peter in the Key of Honor and Shame” by John Elliott (BTB, 1995)

15 x 15 icon “Honor & Shame in God’s Mission” by Jayson Georges, (Lausanne Global Analysis, 2017)

15 x 15 icon  “The Weight of Glory” by C.S. Lewis (sermon, 1946)

15 x 15 icon  “Shame” by Robert Karen (Atlantic Monthly, 1992)

Websites and Blogs

15 x 15 icon—A free, online survey to learn your group’s primary culture type (guilt, shame, or fear). Takes 5 minutes and results are immediate.

15 x 15 icon Jackson Wu (teacher of Chinese pastors, Ph.D from Southeastern Baptist). An active blog about contextualization, honor-shame, and Chinese culture.

15 x 15 icon At the Edge of the Kalahari—An engaging personal blog of an Australian missionary in southern Africa, often about honor and shame.

15 x 15 icon Werner Mischke (Executive VP with Mission ONE). Resources, including videos and slideshows, about honor and shame in missions.

15 x 15 icon Mark Baker (missionary in Honduras, Professor of Mission and Theology at Fresno Pacific Seminary). Helpful articles and papers on the atonement addressing shame.

15 x 15 icon Mako Nagasawa (Campus Chaplain with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship). Academic theological papers explaining the Eastern Church’s “physical redemption” atonement model for addressing shame.

15 x 15 icon Heart Connexion (a Christian organization with seminars addressing shame). An older bibliography of psychology/counseling resources addressing shame.

15 x 15 icon—an interdisciplinary, academic website devoted to the study of honor as an ethical value.

15 x 15 icon—an online community for Muslim-background believers in Jesus.

15 x 15 icon Brene Brown (professor, researcher, bestselling author). A popular narrator of shame research for American audiences.  Great TEDS talk.

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An Extensive Bibliography

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