About HonorShame.com

HonorShame.com offers practical tools and training for Christians ministering in honor-shame contexts. Though honor-shame is the primary “operating system” for 80% of the world, its remains a significant blind spot in Western culture, theology, and missiology. This website www.HonorShame.com develops and advocates a biblical missiology for honor-shame cultures, so that all peoples will sing, “My salvation and honor depend on God” (Ps 62:7).

This site was founded by Jayson Georges in 2013, and in 2016 became the digital platform of the Honor-Shame Network. We desire for HonorShame.com to be a platform for many practitioners to share resources and ideas. So, we welcome guest posts in the areas of Christian theology and ministry (click here for more information).

We are always introducing new resources and ideas, so stay connected. Subscribe to the weekly blog and follow @HonorShame. For more, email info@HonorShame.com.

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  1. Thanks Franklin for sharing about your recent journey. Yes, all people participate in various, and often competing, honor groups. The better we understand those dynamics, the better we can navigate and live well within those communities.