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Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.52.11 AM serves as a digital platform to distribute quality content and key ideas about honor and shame in culture, Scripture, and mission. So in addition to resourcing people for global ministry, functions an online platform from which other practitioners and researchers (like you!) could speak from. In this way, your contributions are sought and valued. Here are some guidelines:

The Style:

  • Thoughtful and practical (not academic or wordy). Readers of are reflective practioners of Christian mission. They think critically about ministry, but are action oriented. Many readers are Westerners ministering cross-culturally, so want to apply good ideas. Keep in mind the aim of is to mainstream a biblical missiology for honor-shame cultures. So that is the purpose guiding blogposts and resources.
  • Be clear. Make one clear point concisely and convincingly. Don’t summarize an entire book. Be clear.
  • Any topic related to honor & shame is welcome: analysis of a current event, a practical ministry tool, theological exposition, biblical exegesis, cultural tips, etc. The best content is usually an idea you wish you knew XX years ago, before starting ministry! Speaking from experience, with candid examples, is best.
  • Writing a “Culture Profile”  (i.e., answering 6-7 basic questions about honor and shame, see example) for your particular context is particularly welcome. Honor and shame look different in every context, so these simple case studies flush out those dynamics at the grassroots level. These posts can be written by national Christians or long-term expat workers. Please consider contributing in this way.
  • 500-600 words is ideal. Attention spans are short these days, even with quality content.
  • To cite a source, just include a hyperlink to the source (if citing a book, hyperlink to its Amazon page).
  • All posts will include an image–either an picture from Wiki Commons or a word design from You may provide the image, or let me take care of it.
  • Every post is reader-oriented, designed to communicate what readers would appreciate most. Book reviews are posted only on rare occasions. If you have published a book pertaining to honor and/or shame, please consider turning one key idea from your publication into a guest post (see example here). Posts only promoting materials are generally not accepted. Guest posts do include a two-sentence introduction of you (including degrees, ministry experiences, current role, as well as published books—example here).

The Process:

  • Guest contributors preferably have either (a) 7+ years of cross-cultural experience, or (b) done a graduate-level research work related to honor & shame.
  • First contact Jayson Georges with your proposed topic—
  • Once approved, please send the finished post as a Word .doc file (not Pages, PDF, or HTML). Include in the document a short bio/CV, along with any relevant images or graphics. 
  • I will review and propose edits in the .doc file.
  • Once we agree on a final version, I will schedule the post, usually a couple months out.

The Rules:


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