Free Biblical Training Program In Asia Minor

I am part of a biblical training program based in Asia Minor that teaches the historical and cultural backgrounds of the New Testament. The week-long program visits many biblical sites in Turkey. This is a funded study trip for Bible scholars and teachers in the Majority World; participants pay only for transport to/from Turkey; all in-country expenses are covered. 

Since many subscribers of the blog are connected to the Majority World, I thought this may be of interest to you. If you are a NT teacher or scholar in the Majority World, please consider applying. If not, please share with people you think may be interested. 

The 2024 program will focus on Paul’s first journey (Acts 13–14), the book of Galatians, and Paul’s early ministry years in Tarsus and Antioch. We will begin in Antalya, travel through key biblical and historical sites in Galatia, then conclude with two days in Antioch. The 2024 program offers the unique opportunity to participate in the Antioch Seminar with lectures from NT scholars such as Dr. Ben Witherington. The trip will be June 13–20, 2024, and the deadline for applications is February 15, 2024. To learn more and apply, visit:


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