A Sermon about Honor

If you’re looking for a sermon that will grow your understanding of honor (especially in American culture), I recommend “A Community of Honor in a Culture of Contempt” by John Mark Comer. 

In the sermon, Comer explores the idea of honor and how it has been lost in our society due to the prevalence of contempt. He dives into the root causes of contempt and how it leads to division and negativity in our relationships. I appreciated the clarity, nuance, and applicability of the sermon. I’m always glad to find (and share!) a good sermon on honor as they can help apply honor-shame to our lives.

Comer has another good sermon on the related topic of hospitality. And here was a good sermon series about shame

If you know of other sermons on the topics of honor and/or shame, please share the link in a comment below. Happy listening! 


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2 Comments on “A Sermon about Honor

  1. Hi, I discovered your site several years ago, and it was incredibly helpful in my research as a youth pastor and a psychotherapist. A few years ago, I did a three-part sermon series at my old church on shame.
    Part 1 – No Pride, No Shame: https://youtu.be/xLbkfeigPHo
    Part 2 – Secrets of Shame: https://youtu.be/TrI7PTe1_MY
    Part 3 – The Gospel of Honor: https://youtu.be/dUKxMhYCli4

    I have a whole playlist on my YouTube channel, PsychoBible, dedicated to the topic of honor-shame culture dynamics. It includes videos by me as well as others that I have found helpful.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be checking them up and please do keep on suggesting any material that you see fit. I really appreciate it.

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