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4 Practical Ways To Use The Culture Test

Since being released in late 2014, people have found creative and strategic uses for The Culture Test. The following four stories shows areas where an awareness of guilt-shame-fear dynamics can be beneficial. 1. Theological Apologetics Martin was a Kenyan Christian
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New Training Video about Ethics and Discipleship

“Transforming Honor” is a new training video about biblical ethics, morality, and discipleship in honor-shame cultures. My aim with this video is to (1) transform Western misconceptions about honor cultures and (2) transform honor into a positive source for moral change. The 33-minute resource is
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Two Training Webinars

I will be leading two webinars this September, and invite you to join in. Money, Honor, & Relationships: A Biblical and Practical Look at Patronage The free webinar will examine patron-client relationships in 1) global cultures, 2) the Bible, and 3) everyday ministry
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HS Bible Training Curriculum

Bible colleges around the world commonly use curriculum from Western seminaries—sometimes directly translating the syllabi, course books, and textbooks. Though missionaries rarely favor this situation, it appears to persist simply due to a lack of alternatives. How else can the
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TheCultureTest.com – A New Tool

To make it easier for people to learn about Honor-Shame cultures, I have developed: TheCultureTest.com is a free assessment tool for learning your group’s culture type – guilt, shame, or fear.  It is like a personality test, but for groups
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Top 7 Honor-Shame Videos

I created a new resources page of videos I commonly use when doing honor-shame trainings. If you only have time to watch one, I recommend the 2-minute “Africa Mercy Ships“.  It is powerful, encouraging, and illuminating. The videos include: TEACHINGS ON
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HonorShame in LA & DC, July 2014

In July, I’ll be on both coasts facilitating discussions on HonorShame, join us if you are in the area. “HonorShame Convo for Happy Hour” in Long Beach, CA, July 1 @ 2pm.  An informal training and discussion for Christians working among
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