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Book: Shame-informed Counselling and Psychotherapy

Dr. Edmund Ng is the founding president of the Asian Christian Counselors Association. This post stems from his new book Shame-informed Counselling and Psychotherapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives (Routledge, 2020). Whether it is in people-helping or mission outreach, I firmly
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New Evangelism Training Videos (CRU)

In 2018 CRU released “Honor Restored,“a digital tool designed to help you share the good news of Jesus with friends from honor-shame cultures. Since then, the app has been translated into many languages and used widely. The creators now have
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Advent Devotional: “Honor, Shame, and the First Christmas”

Cameron D. Armstrong (PhD, Biola University) serves with the International Mission Board in Bucharest, Romania. He is part of the Theological Education team and teaches at the Bucharest Baptist Theological Institute. Cameron and his wife, Jessica, have two children. One
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When to Shame? When to Honor?

When should we honor (or shame) someone? This question is complex and has many facets. However, the book Economies of Esteem (OUP, 2004) offers interesting insight into “esteem equilibrium” (pages 126-29). As an economic theory, their model is descriptive, not
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New Book: Honor, Shame, and the Gospel (WCP)

William Carey Press has published the new book Honor, Shame, and the Gospel (240 pp.), edited by Chris Flanders and Werner Mischke. This compendium brings together many of the outstanding presentations from our 2017 conference at Wheaton. The book is available in
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Jesus’ Purifying Death

After Jesus died, something strange happened. “The tombs also were opened, and many bodies of the holy ones who had fallen asleep were raised. After his resurrection they came out of the tombs and entered the holy city and appeared to
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Crucifixion as “Exaltation” in the Gospels

Jesus was “lifted up” onto the cross. This phrase refers to the physical act of raising the person so that everyone could see. However, the term also has royal/status connotations. Crucifixion was a moment of exaltation. On this topic, Joel Marcus
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Crucifixion as Exaltation in Mark

When was Jesus exalted and gloried? In the Gospel of John, Jesus is gloried at the cross. The fourth gospel plays off the double meaning of “lifted up” (3:14; 8:28; 12:31-34; 13:18). When the Romans lift up the crucified Jesus
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The Atonement: A Series

How does God save? More specifically, how do Jesus’ death and resurrection bring salvation? This is the question of “atonement”—the core of Christian theology. Posts over the next several weeks will explore the theology of atonement in light of honor-shame.
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New Issue of Missio Dei Journal on Honor-Shame

The academic online publication Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis has a recent issue dedicated to honor and shame. Rather than repeating the introductory explanations of honor and shame, the articles apply and explore a rich variety of topics in
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Purity and Pollution in the Gospels

“Jews in the first century focused on external, ritual purity. Then Jesus came along and erased all the Jewish purity regulations. He emphasized on the internal, moral dimensions of the Law.” Such thinking is the standard Christian interpretation of Jesus’
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Honor-Shame in India??

There appears to very few resources about honor-shame in India. Compared with other contexts such as Asian and Arab cultures, I have discovered only a few resources on the topic, either secular or Christian. This is surprising to me, considering
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A Gospel Narrative for the Shame-Honor Culture of India

Jay Dharan (M.Div, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) is a Bible-teacher ministering in India. He desires to foster an indigenous Christianity that addresses the honor-shame culture of India. In India, the shame-honor culture is deeply rooted in the caste system, which
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Paul’s Rhetoric of Shame in Philemon, ala John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom preached four homilies on Paul’s letter to Philemon. The fourth-century bishop of Constantinople was trained in Greek rhetoric, so he discusses the various ways that Paul uses honor and shame to influence Philemon. The words “honor” and “shame”
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Article: “Why We Dislike Shame”

The American Interest has published an article “Why We Dislike Shame—and Can’t Get Enough of It.” The article examines why shaming is essential in America today, and offers some suggestions for curbing its excesses. I commend the article for its clarity, balance,
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My Response to a Critique

The academic journal Missiology recently published a critique of honor-shame, especially my book The 3D Gospel. The article is entitled “The Culture Problem: How the Honor/Shame Issue Got the Wrong End of the Anthropological Stick”, by Johannes Merz (PhD), an
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The Origins of Guilt-Shame-Fear

From where do we get the categories of “guilt,” “shame,” and “fear”? People do not use these terms to classify themselves. Rather, they are outside (etic) terms that researchers have used to describe the primary relational patterns in groups. In
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New Webzine: Women, Honour, & Shame

The online forum When Women Speak has published a new webzine on the topic of honor and shame. Below is a list of the articles, which are introduced in the editorial. A sentence from the opening page explains why these articles
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Perpetua and Felicitas

The Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas is an early martyr story that subverts and transforms the ancient Greco-Roman notions of honor and shame. Summary The short story narrates the martyrdom of six young catechumens in Carthage, North Africa in the
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4 Honor-Shame Motifs of Lamentations 1

The realities of dishonor and shame pervade the book of Lamentations (see previous post). Four motifs express the honor-shame dynamics in Lamentations 1—defilement, loneliness, subjugation, and desperation, as this post explores. Defilement The poet portrays the destruction of Israel is
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