Free Online Honor-Shame Conference (Sept 11–13)

The Singapore Bible College is hosting the conference “Contextual Issues of Honor & Shame in Spiritual Formation” September 11–13, 2023, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (GMT + 8:00). The conference can be attended in person or online for free. Click here to learn more. Registration ends September 7, so don’t delay!

Their website states: “Join us for an exchange of reflections and insights as a group of 10 theologians, biblical scholars, and missiologists from around the world come together to explore the role of honor and shame in spiritual formation through the lens of contextualization processes, and how the gospel transforms culture. The presentation centers around the Pacific Rim but also considers input from other regions.

They have gathered an impressive list of scholars on the topic (see below). Personally, I’m excited to see this regional focus on honor-shame since every culture/region has unique honor-shame dynamics.  Hopefully you can attend.

  • REV. DR. HWA YUNG, Bishop Emeritus, Methodist Church in Malaysia

  • DR. JUSTIN JOON LEE, Associate Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Singapore Bible College

  • MS. CLAIRE CHONG, Research and Training Associate, Singapore Centre for Global Missions

  • DR. CHRISTOPHER FLANDERS, Professor, Abilene Christian University’s Graduate School of Theology

  • REV. DR. JERRY HWANG, Associate Professor of Theology, Trinity Christian College, Illinois, USA

  • DR. NARRY SANTOS, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry and Intercultural Leadership, Tyndale University, Toronto

  • REV. DR. SAMUEL LAW, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, Singapore Bible College

  • DR. KIEM-KIOK KWA, Adjunct Lecturer, Intercultural Studies

  • MR. REI CRIZALDO, Lead, Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)

  • MR. KENOSI MOLATO, Lecturer (Systematic Theology and Research Methodologies), Christ Baptist Seminary, South Africa

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2 Comments on “Free Online Honor-Shame Conference (Sept 11–13)

  1. I would love to attend, but am too tied up with other responsibilities. I am a Christian Psychologist here in Massachusetts and am very interested in the role of shame as it is experienced by my many clients who are trauma survivors (including ritualistic abuse). Will the sessions be recorded and available for viewing later on?

    Thanks and God bless!

  2. Its disappointing , yet again, to see that you have 10 speakers – 8 of which are men when this topic of honour and Shame disproportionally and negativelyy affecrs women in societies all over the world. To have so few women on the team lacks credibility.

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