deSilva’s Classic Book, 2nd Ed.

David deSilva’s book Honor, Patronage, Kinship, and Purity is a sort of cult classic in terms of honor-shame and NT backgrounds. I still remember reading the book on a camping trip in 2006 and thinking on each page, “This makes so much sense!” Because it is such a tremendous work, I’m glad that deSilva has revised and expanded it. The second edition contains more primary sources and up-to-date scholarship. The book is available through IVP. Here is my endorsement of the second edition:

“”Great news—the best book about New Testament cultural values just got better! This book has transformed the way so many people, myself included, read Scripture and engage with people in ministry. Reflecting a deep knowledge of ancient texts, deSilva’s keen explanations truly unlock the social and cultural world of early Christians. Aha moments fill each page. So if you want to better interpret Scripture and grow communities that embody biblical values, this is the book to read.”


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