6 Great Sermons on Shame & Honor

People often ask me about good sermons on the topic of shame, but there are not very many. Recently I’ve listened to an amazing 6-part sermon series “He Covers Our Shame” by Dr. Beau Hughes at The Village Church of Denton, Texas. The sermons are first-rate into terms of biblical explanation and spiritual application. They are available to download and stream at the church website. The six sermon titles are:
  1. What Is Shame?
  2. Where Does Shame Come From?
  3. The Cycle of Shame
  4. Despising Our Shame
  5. He Covers our Shame
  6. The Hope of Glory
I strongly recommend these sermons for all Christians, especially those seeking a biblical understanding of shame and honor. Another good sermon is John Piper’s “Battling the Unbelief of Misplaced Shame.” Have you listened to a good sermon on shame (and honor)? Please share the link below in the comment section.  

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4 Comments on “6 Great Sermons on Shame & Honor

  1. Thanks Jayson – excellent series of messages indeed!

    Here are a few other links to honor-shame messages:

    Unashamed of the Powerful Gospel – Philip Jensen – Sydney, Australia


    The Tale of Two Sons – John MacArthur


    Honor the Name of the Lord – on the 3rd Commandment – Pastor Rodney Pearce, Calvary Bible Church, PA


    click on the link and then go to Jan 19, 2014 (currently choose page 21)

    John Piper: The Effect of Hypocriscy – Dishonoring God …Romans 2:17-24


    John Piper: Honor Thy Majestic Father ….Malachi 1:6-14


    Scripture Is about Our Shame – Ed Welch (video YouTube)


  2. Dear Dr Hughes and Brother Garrett, Truly your “He Covers Our Shame” sermon series has profoundly impacted my life. As a lifelong Lutheran Christian I have heard many life changing sermons and also many, that I admit, regrettably forgot. Thank You and Bless You in your Holy Spirit led ministry for the proclamation of redemption and salvation through the work of Jesus Christ, Our King. I live too many hundreds of miles north of you, in Wisconsin, to be able to attend Worship at The Village Church, however I am so very grateful that I could be in the midst of your congregation (and Beloved and you called us) as you spoke. I hope to continue to follow you over the miles and for as long as our great God has me serve him this side of heaven.

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