Top Honor/Shame Blogs of 2014

To celebrate the New Year, here are the top blogs posts (based on comments and views) from 2014. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.18.27 PM 8.  Why Western Culture Neglects Honor & Shame – Learn why Western civilization is shameless. 7.  6 Places Honor & Shame Hide in the Bible – See what is everywhere in plain sight. 6.  The Shame of Original Sin (Gen 3) – What actually happened in the Garden? 5.  5 Keys for Relationships in Honor-Shame Cultures – Learn practical ways to bless the nations. 4.  7 Subcultures of Shame in America – Thought shame was only in the East? Look again! 3.  How God Shamed Job – Read the old story in a new light. 2.  ISIS – Terrorizing or Shaming? – What is the gruesome violence all about? 1.  8 Traits of Honor-Shame Cultures – Come see the forest for the trees!   To make it an official “Top 10” list, here are two more posts I’ve really enjoyed. The Chase for Face: The Shame of Western Collectivism by Jackson Wu A Sympathetic Look at Bathsheba by Marg Mowczko

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