New Book: Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures (IVP)

3DMockUp NoShadows SmallMy latest book Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials (InterVarsity Press) is now available.

This 270-page book equips Christians to proclaim and embody the gospel in honor-shame contexts. Our aim was simple: to show how honor-shame is central to God’s mission throughout the Bible, then to explain how you can advance God’s mission in honor-shame cultures today. We blend biblical research, case studies, and practical insights in this go-to guide for international ministry.

The book is available at For bulk purchases or a review/desk copy, email here.

About My Co-Author, Mark Baker

Mark D. Baker (PhD, Duke University) is Professor of Mission and Theology at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary in California. He served as a missionary in Honduras for ten years and has written a number of books in English and Spanish. In addition to his academic credentials and cross-cultural experience, Mark has ministered against the tyranny of shame for nearly 30 years, in his writing, teaching, and relationships. It has been a true joy to collaborate on our common passion of honor-shame.    


Georges and Baker have taken the seeds of previous work on honor and shame in the environment of the biblical world and in modern cultures and cultivated them into fruitful insights and guidance in the areas of theology, crosscultural engagement and, especially, missions.
~David A. deSilva, distinguished professor, Ashland Theological Seminary

I was so glad for this book to stretch my heart and mind. Baker and Georges gave me new tools and hope for ministry, not just in a Majority World context, but in Western contexts that are increasingly both secular and globalized.
~Mako Nagasawa, director, New Humanity Institute

An exceptional book on this timeless worldview and timely topic. The authors interweave real life stories to help us rediscover a biblical worldview and see how to apply the living Word of God today.
~Samuel E. Chiang, president and CEO, Seed Company

Every message bearer working in non-Western cultures needs to read and apply the insights and principles of this book if they are to avoid the typical cultural blunders too often committed by too many. Within are crucial insights for effective crosscultural ministry.
~Marvin J. Newell, senior VP, Missio Nexus

Building responsibly on biblical and anthropological foundations for understanding honor and shame cultures, the authors offer practical reflections on how to engage honor-shame societies in the work of intercultural mission. 
~Edward Smither, dean, Columbia International University

The text is full of examples that help the reader understand how differently honor-shame codes play out in the understanding of salvation and discipleship. … Sherwood and I strongly recommend this book.
~Judith Lingenfelter, professor emerita, Biola University
Intelligent, informed, and culturally perceptive, this resource will impact the theory and practice of missionaries and local leaders in unprecended ways. 
~Christopher Flanders, professor, Abilene Christian University

The Table of Contents

Contents for Honor-Shame book


Free DownloadFreeDownload

InterVarsity Press is making Chapter 7 “Relationships” available as a free PDF download. Mark and I are grateful for this offer, as this chapter should be practical and helpful for many people in ministry. Chapter 7 features the “8 guidelines for relationships” in honor-shame cultures. You can freely download, repost, and share this resource. 

Compared to The 3D Gospel?

Most readers love The 3D Gospel because it’s so short. And some complain that it is too short; they want more! This new book is for people who grasp the idea of honor-shame, but still ask, “OK, but how does this impact ministry?”

Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures is over 270 pages long, entirely about honor-shame. This length allows for the book to be far more biblical and more practical than The 3D Gospel (which has just 25 pages on honor-shame). The longer book is more biblical, because we are able to explore biblical themes and theological doctrines in depth. It is more practical, because we offer dozens of practical stories from around the world that show how the gospel plays out in honor-shame cultures. For example, Chapter 7 “Relationships” alone features 20+ stories and examples from the cultures of India, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Uganda, Togo, Haiti, Nepal, and first-century Israel.

The next several weeks will feature resources and articles related to Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures.

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