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New book: THE 3D GOSPEL

Learn how the gospel speaks to all cultures. Western theology emphasizes legal forgiveness of sins, but people in the Majority World seek honor or spiritual power.  In today’s globalized world, Christians need a three-dimensional gospel. Learn how the Bible speaks to cultures
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The Disgraced Human Family (Gen 4-11)

After the fall of Adam and Eve, the storyline of Genesis reads like a season of Arrested Development (or any other sitcom about a dysfunctional family) – a series of episodes featuring the human family’s disgrace and dysfunction.  Humans sense
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The Shame of Original Sin (Gen 3)

Adam and Eve’s glorious and shame-free life did not last long. They sin, and shame enters the world.  (Previous posts on their honor at a creation – HERE and HERE.) After eating the fruit, Adam and Eve cover themselves with fig leaves.  They do
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What is the ‘Image of God’? God’s Face!

What exactly is ‘the image of God’? Western theology asks which facet of humans makes them ‘like’ God – intelligence, emotions, morality??  This approach defines the precise qualities that people share with God (personality, will, sensibility, etc.) from a philosophical
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In the Beginning…Honor

Q: “If Adam was a Central Asian, what type of person would he be?” A: “Oh! He would be a respected guy!  People would honor him because…”  This conversation with my Central Asian friend helped me to see the various
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6 Places Honor & Shame Hide in the Bible

Here is something we have all experienced:  You are looking to buy a new car, and begin eyeing (for example) the Toyota Corolla.  Now that you are thinking about buying a Corolla, they begin popping everywhere on the road!  Where
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Why God Shamed Job

Job’s shame (previous post: “How God Shamed Job”) prepared him to learn a central point – God is the sole arbiter of honor, capable of honoring Himself and others as He chooses.This divine prerogative to honor (and shame) as He pleases is what
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How God Shamed Job

What did Job really suffer? Is the book of job Job about the loss of wealth and health, livestock and children, or something more? I suggest Job suffered primarily shame and social humiliation. And through that shame, God wanted to demonstrate
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20 HS Truths in the Psalms

For a relevant theology to emerge for Majority World contexts, Christian theology must reflect upon honor and shame.  Here are 20 theological truths about honor and shame from the Psalms.  Did you know these truths?  How to they compliment and
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Top 10 Verses on HonorShame

People often ask “What is a theme verse for honor and shame?”  Many verses (as well as motifs and narratives) address honor and shame; but here is a list of 10 key verses.10- 1 Samuel 2:6-8 (Hannah’s song) The Lord kills and
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