20 HS Truths in the Psalms

For a relevant theology to emerge for Majority World contexts, Christian theology must reflect upon honor and shame.  Here are 20 theological truths about honor and shame from the Psalms.  Did you know these truths?  How to they compliment and expand your current theological conceptions?  What are the implications  of these realities?
David Dictating Psalms  (elephant ivory, c. 1000)
David Dictating Psalms
(elephant ivory, c. 1000)
  1. God crowned us with glory and honor at creation (8:4-5)
  2. Humanity honors what is vile in God’s eyes (12:8)
  3. If we fear God, we must honor him (22:23)
  4. Those who hope in God will never be put to shame (25:3)
  5. Those who exalt themselves will be clothed with shame and disgrace (35:26)
  6. When God delivers us, we honor him (by sacrificing thank offerings; 50:15,23)
  7. My honor depends upon God (62:7)
  8. God’s people experience scorn, disgrace, and shame (69:19ff)
  9. God increases the honor of the shamed, and comforts them (71:20-21)
  10. God must save the oppressed from disgrace, lest fools mock him (74:21-22)
  11. God alone is the sole arbiter of honor (75:6-7)
  12. God’s people desire for enemies to be shamed and disgraced (83:16-17)
  13. Yahweh bestows honor (84:11)
  14. God has made David’s son the most exalted king in the world (89:27)
  15. Honor is an aspect of God’s salvation (91:15-16)
  16. All honor is due God’s name (96:7-9)
  17. Those who keep God’s commands will not be shamed (119:6, 31, 80)
  18. God will honor David with a resplendent crown and shame his enemies (132:17-18)
  19. God looks upon the lowly, but shuns the proud (138:6)
  20. God’s crowns the humble with salvation (149:4-5)

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4 Comments on “20 HS Truths in the Psalms

  1. Great list! It affirms the honor and shame mindset of the Bible’s authors and helps us see God’s activity in human cultures and sensitivities around the globe.

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