Back to God’s Village: A Gospel Cartoon

This week, I am excited to share a new whiteboard animation video.

People repeatedly want to better understand the gospel for HonorShame contexts.  So I designed this short video to visually portray that message for one particular HonorShame culture.  I figured cartoons are funner than articles! About this story… it was fashioned about 6 years as attempt to contextualize the gospel.  At first I just rewrote the 4 spiritual laws with HonorShame language.  Then, it seemed better to present it as a village-based narrative.   It was shared in person and orally, most often in segments during a conversation.

Here is the full text (contextualized for Central Asia) and a general summary of salvation-history in HonorShame terms.

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  1. Wow!!! This is really Excellent! Thanks for putting this together. I cant wait to use this to help mobilize local churches to reach refugee’s here in MN.

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