Top 10 Blogs in 2015

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 5.18.27 PMHere are the top blogposts at for 2015. Seems like “5” was the lucky number this year! And a special thanks to guests contributors for your great insights.

10) The Gospel of ISIS

9) What the Bible Says about Honor & Shame (wordclouds)

8) A Simple Evangelism Method

7) The Gospel…in 5 Words

6) 10 Ways the Cross Atones for Shame (by Mark Baker)

5) The Data on Global Culture Types (results from The Culture Test)

4) 5 Facts About Asian-American Shame (by Sam Louie)

3) 5 Types of Honor-Shame Cultures

2) 5 Shameful Things Westerners Say (by Colin Andrews)

1) 5 Rude Things Honor-Shame Cultures Say (by Colin Andrews)

Click here for the top posts of 2014.


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