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HonorShame.com released several free resources in 2015, all towards the aim of “mainstreaming a biblical missiology for honor-shame contexts.”  Feel free to share these resources with others. You can forward this email, or click here to share via Facebook. Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.56.58 AM
  1. Honor & Shame 101 is a 5-minute ministry explainer video introducing the topic and how it relates to ministry.
  2. Honor & Shame 201 is a 40-minute interactive training video for Christian ministry.
  3. Honor-Shame Bibliography lists 400+ publications on honor & shame with easily searchable tags and categories.
  4. Word Clouds of honor and shame vocabulary visually represent these key concepts.
  5. Reference Bookmark explains the gospel of salvation and key biblical texts for honor-shame contexts.
  6. Non-English Resources  free honor-shame resources in various languages.
  7. New Video Gallery features 20+ quality videos for learning about honor & shame.
  8. The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures is a practical guide to theology and ministry in global cultures. (Get a PDF copy free when you teach/train on the topic in a group setting).
  9. TheCultureTest.com is an easy and engaging survey to learn your group’s primary culture type: guilt, shame, or fear. Like a personality type, but it measures your cultural orientation.
  10. Major Publications from Mission Frontiers, Christianity Todayand The International Orality Network about honor & shame.

More resources are in the works for 2016. Here’s a sneakpeak.

  • The 3D Gospel will be available in French, Russian, and Spanish by March.
  • TheCultureTest.com will available in Spanish–“La Prueba Cultural.”
  • Global Mapping International will produce a “missiographic” visualizing the 7,000+ results from TheCultureTest.com in the spring.
  • My next book Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials (co-authored with Mark Baker, published by IVP Academic) will be out in October.
  • A training webinar “Understanding ISIS: The History of Militant Islam.”
  • And the website HonorShame.com will take on a new shape. Stay tuned!

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