Honor & Shame 201–Training Video

I have created a new training video-“Honor & Shame 201“-for Christians ministering in honor/shame contexts.

HS 201 thumbnail The video is 50 minutes long and includes 3 exercises that help people actively engage the topic. It covers honor/shame in 5 key areas of Christian mission:
  • culture,
  • relationships,
  • Bible,
  • theology, and
  • ministry.
I produced it in the style of a webinar (for security reasons, Jayson Georges has no face!), with several short movie clips mixed in. (Click here for a complete outline.)

The explainer video “Honor & Shame 101” is a basic introduction; this “Honor & Shame 201” is intended for longer-term workers, so naturally goes deeper. For this reason it would be ideal for:
  • team development,
  • a conference workshop,
  • a pre-field training session,
  • or just personal enrichment.
You can download the full video here for offline use as well. If you plan to watch “Honor & Shame 201” with a group and would like to do a 15-20 minute Q & A afterwards via Skype, email me at info@HonorShame.com. I would enjoy doing that (assuming the timing works out).

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