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Culture Profile: Haiti

Sean Christensen serves with World Team as a Bible college professor, training current and future church leaders in Haiti. Sean and his students recently surveyed nearly 400 Haitians using TheCultureTest.com.What does honor & shame look like in Haiti? Although Haitian
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H-S Resources in 8 Languages

The proclamation of God’s honor for the shamed must extend far beyond the confines of English. Here are honor-shame resources in 8 different languages. From my experience (and observation), just learning the vocabulary for speaking about honor and shame is a paramount
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More Honor-Shame Videos

I recently updated the video gallery at www.HonorShame.com. The new gallery now includes a collection of 20+ curated videos related to honor and shame. There are other videos out there, but these are all nicely produced, so are worth viewing (and using in teaching/training).
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Learning about Honor-Shame

Do you need to write a paper for a class? Or, prepare a presentation for a ministry gathering? Or, choose a topic for a graduate thesis? Consider that an opportunity to learn more about honor and shame. The topic of honor and
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Honor-Shame Research Bibliography

I’m pleased to release an extensive bibliography for honor-shame. This includes the resources related to honor and shame I have encountered over the last 8 years.The bibliography is available online and is fully searchable, by metadata and tags. It can
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Two Training Webinars

I will be leading two webinars this September, and invite you to join in. Money, Honor, & Relationships: A Biblical and Practical Look at Patronage The free webinar will examine patron-client relationships in 1) global cultures, 2) the Bible, and 3) everyday ministry
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The Blog of All Blogs (#100!)

To commemorate the 100th blog of HonorShame.com, I have written “The Blog of All Blogs”—literally. Here is a complete list of all previous blogs (minus a few event announcements). They are categorized by topic, allowing viewers easy access to the topics
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HonorEthics.org is an interdisciplinary academic website devoted to the study of honor as an ethical virtue. Those working to develop a biblical ethic and theology for honor-shame contexts will want to follow this blog. I learned about HonorEthics.org when they posted,
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Get Face!

Jackson Wu produced a brilliant short video “Do You Want Face?” that pulls together the biblical message in terms of “face.” The video’s simple three-part structure makes it easy to utilize in your gospel conversations: We all lost face. Jesus has
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New book: Honor-Shame & Orality, by ION

The International Orality Network (ION) recently released Beyond Literate Western Contexts: Honor & Shame and the Assessment of Orality Preference (eds. by Samuel Chiang and Grant Lovejoy). This book compiles the papers presented at 2014’s ION consultation in Houston, TX.
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HS Bible Training Curriculum

Bible colleges around the world commonly use curriculum from Western seminaries—sometimes directly translating the syllabi, course books, and textbooks. Though missionaries rarely favor this situation, it appears to persist simply due to a lack of alternatives. How else can the
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Honor-Shame in Africa

There seems to be a lack of literature about honor-shame in Africa. Compared with Asian and Arab culture, I have discovered only a few anthropological and theological resources on the topic. Here is what I have found to date. If
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Honor & Shame 101 — Explainer Video

  Honor & Shame 101 is an explainer video about honor & shame for Christian ministry. At 5 minutes long, it hits the main ideas for people being introduced to the topic. You could use it for: prepping a short-term ministry
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Mission Frontiers Issue on Honor/Shame

The current issue of Mission Frontiers “The Power of Honor” covers the topic of honor & shame. This journal from Frontier Ventures (formerly U.S. Center of World Missions) contains two lead articles from myself (“The Gospel the World is Waiting For“) and
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Theology for Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures – Free Resource

How can we reframe Christian theology for cultures of guilt, shame, and fear? I developed a  “Theology Guide” which  systemically charts 40+ theological categories in the language and values of each culture type. For example, the section about God reads:
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