Learning about Honor-Shame

Do you need to write a paper for a class? Or, prepare a presentation for a ministry gathering? Or, choose a topic for a graduate thesis? Consider that an opportunity to learn more about honor and shame. The topic of honor and shame is becoming more common in mission circles, but there is still more ground to work. Your work could add to the broader conversation, and hopefully catalyze a ministry breakthrough. honor shame bookOne reason I put together the bibliography of honor-shame resources is to make research as accessible as possible, for people like you. And, if you are living overseas with no library access, you can access many resources online. You’ll probably want more, but these are helpful starting points. And if you find something worth sharing, post it on social media with #HonorTheology so others can connect with it as well. If you could learn the answer to any question about honor-shame, what question would you ask? Hopefully this post has sparked some ideas!  

resources for Majority World ministry

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