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The Call of Abraham…to Honor (Gen 12)

The post concludes our series on Gen 1-12 (Gen 2, Imago Dei, The Fall, Gen 4-11). From the heights of glory and honor in Genesis 2, humanity has fallen to the depths of shame (Gen 3).  Every self-directed effort to
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#HonorTheology – Join the Chat!

The topics of honor and shame have been in the shadows of Christian theology for too long. To foster a positive conversation towards an honor-shame theology, Jackson Wu and I invite you to use #HonorTheology on Twitter and Facebook whenever
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Worshipping God for Removing Shame

I spent last weekend with ethnic pastors worshipping God for His salvation for shame. It was an amazing time! We gathered church leaders from 8 different ethnic congregations (including Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, and multi-ethnic English) to discuss
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What is the ‘Image of God’? God’s Face!

What exactly is ‘the image of God’? Western theology asks which facet of humans makes them ‘like’ God – intelligence, emotions, morality??  This approach defines the precise qualities that people share with God (personality, will, sensibility, etc.) from a philosophical
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In the Beginning…Honor

Q: “If Adam was a Central Asian, what type of person would he be?” A: “Oh! He would be a respected guy!  People would honor him because…”  This conversation with my Central Asian friend helped me to see the various
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Work & Vocation in Honor-Shame Cultures

 This post was originally published at the Washington Institute‘s Missio blog.  Is our work sacred? Does God “see” what you and I do from 8am – 5pm? Beyond the paycheck, do our jobs mean something? In our ever secularized world, contemporary Christians
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How Paying Money Honors (and Shames)

Does Paying Money Honor or Dishonor?In 1969, the St. Louis Cardinals traded their All-Star center fielder, Curt Flood, to the Phillies.  During the days before free agency, MLB players were owned by one team for life.  Instead of reporting to
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Top 7 Honor-Shame Videos

I created a new resources page of videos I commonly use when doing honor-shame trainings. If you only have time to watch one, I recommend the 2-minute “Africa Mercy Ships“.  It is powerful, encouraging, and illuminating. The videos include: TEACHINGS ON
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Another FREE BOOK, and HS Missiology

WIN ANOTHER FREE BOOK! We are doing one more promotional book giveaway.  Last week’s winners of Misinterpreting Scripture were Clive of Chicago, who learned of @HonorShame on Twitter from Mike in Long Beach. This week’s book is Shame Interrupted: How God
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How Authoritarian Leaders Could Lead

Guest blogger Arley Loewen (Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies) has lived in Afghanistan and published several books, including a short novel, where he explores honor-shame themes.  He now directs an international media project and teaches leadership seminars, through which he analyzes
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Why Shame is a HUGE Problem

Imagine the following scenarios: You have labored for two years developing an English program to reach the community.  When your director visits, he dismisses the purpose and value of the English ministry. You look out your front window, and see two neighbor
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What is God’s Mission? Honor as Missio Dei

Since the 1950’s Christian missiology has used the phrase missio Dei (Latin for the ‘sending/mission of God’) to frame God’s missional, saving activity in the world.  What is the missio Dei in scripture?  How exactly is God working to save people? Honorification is missio Dei. 
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Why Western Theology Neglects HonorShame

The themes of honor and shame are woven throughout scripture, and most of the world frames life in terms of honor and shame, yet they are virtually absent in our contemporary theology, This gap in Western Protestant theology is (partially)
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The Father – Lk 15 (2)

Just as the community surrounded the younger son, the father came out of his house, jumped the hedge, and sprinted through the village, yelling, “My son! My son!”  Everybody watched in shock.  Everybody eyes were on the father now, not
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Understanding 8 Traits of HonorShame Cultures

Honor and shame is the soil bed in which various cultural traits grow.  In this post I mention eight cultural phenomena embedded in honor-shame values, and explain why those traits are associated with honor-shame.  If you fail to understand the subsurface connection,
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