The 3D Gospel: Updated and Revised

The 3D Gospel started in mind as a 2-page PDF that would help people understand the results of The Culture Test. But it mushroomed into an 80-page book that I published on Amazon.

Since then, The 3D Gospel has become a top-selling book in Christian Evangelism and a popular book in mission training. To make The 3D Gospel even more accessible and helpful for readers, I have updated the book.

When I ask people why they enjoyed the book, 90% of the readers appreciate how the book was so short! So I made sure the book is not any longer. Here are the main ways I have updated and revised The 3D Gospel:

  • Added a “Discussion and Reflection Questions” at the end.
  • Edited the final section “Ministry” to be clearer.
  • Corrected typos and unclear sentences.

The changes are rather minor, so there is not much reason to purchased the updated edition if you already have a previous version. Here are the “Discussion and Reflection Questions.

You can purchase The 3D Gospel here. For a bulk discount of 50% off ( 50 copies for $225), click here

The 3D Gospel has also been translated into French, Spanish, Russian, German, and Vietnamese. Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic translations will be available soon.

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