New Evangelism Training Videos (CRU)

In 2018 CRU released “Honor Restored,“a digital tool designed to help you share the good news of Jesus with friends from honor-shame cultures. Since then, the app has been translated into many languages and used widely.
The creators now have developed a series of training videos to help believers better understand honor-shame for evangelistic purposes. All the videos can be viewed and downloaded for free from their Vimeo page. These animated videos–about 4 minutes each–equip people to use Honor Restored with confidence and clarity. They address these questions:
  1. What are Honor/Shame and Guilt/Innocence Cultures?
  2. Is it Biblical to Talk About Honor/Shame Cultures?
  3. How Do I Use Honor/Shame in Sharing My Testimony?
  4. How Do I Begin a Gospel Conversation Using Honor/Shame?
  5. How Do I Use Honor Restored?
  6. How Should I Clarify “The Choice” Screen in Honor Restored?
  7. How Do I Use Honor Restored Like a Pro?
  8. How Do I Disciple a New Believer From an Honor/Shame Culture?

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