Honor-Shame Devotional Video (2-min)

Honor // Shame” is a powerful devotional video. Since it is just 2-minutes long and well-edited, it could nicely introduce a Bible study or sermon. Broaching the topic of shame can be uncomfortable, so why not outsource the dirty work with a quality video!

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Produced by Ricky Diaz and Luis Espino, students at Eternity Bible College. Posted with permission.


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2 Comments on “Honor-Shame Devotional Video (2-min)

  1. I live in Albania, in a shame culture. We have been here for almost three years. I notice in your video you describe shame as a feeling. I wonder if this still confuses the word shame with guilt and fails to step out of an indiviualistic cultural framework when talking about shame? The story told at the beginning of the youtube video ‘Honour and Shame 201’is a great example of the difference. The young women hides from her uncle because of the ‘threat of shame’ ie the threat of something which would affect her and her whole family. Shame is felt because it happens to people, families and whle communties but it doesn’t start with a feeling. Like honour, shame is done to people.

    • Sarah, good observation. Someone else emailed me a related comment. He noted the video portrays shame as a subjective problem, and not a objective/theological issue.

      As with all things, context is important. Ricky and Luis who produced the short video were students in my class at Eternity Bible College. Their final project was to “creatively communicate the gospel in honor-shame terms for their specific audience.” (Basically, I didn’t want another 12 page paper that nobody would read.) They are involved in youth ministry in Southern California, so their speak to that context. The video was not meant to address the communal, public type of shame found in most non-Western cultures.

      Every culture does have a different “type” of shame. These two post explore this phenomenon.

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