Updated: Honor-Shame Research Bibliography

In 2015, I compiled and released an extensive bibliography for honor-shame to facilitate research on the topic. Since then, the amount of resources on honor and shame has greatly increased. Thanks to the work of Chris Flanders, the bibliography has been updated and now has over 550 references.

This bibliography is designed for people doing research and writing. If you are looking to learn about honor & shame, I suggest starting with this list of recommended resources. We done our best to ensure accuracy, but no guarantees.

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The bibliography is available online and is fully searchable, by metadata and tags. It can be accessed in two ways:

  1. BASICClick here to view the bibliography. Click around or search to see what is available. Everything has been tagged by topic, genre, source, type, and field. So, you can easily find honor-shame materials related to RomansJapan, the atonement, and more.
  2. ADVANCED: Install the Zotero program to your computer. This allows you import bibliographic data from Amazon.com or Google Books by clicking one button, add auto-formatted references to your research papers with a few simple clicks, and sync all your data on the Zotero cloud for collaboration. It does take some effort to learn the program, but Zotero’s power and simplicity make it a worthy investment, especially for those doing graduate studies and research. If you use Zotero, you can import the honor-shame bibliography in full. To do that–login at Zotero.com, go to https://www.zotero.org/groups/honorshame, click the red “Join Group” button, and then I will OK your request to be a group member.

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2 Comments on “Updated: Honor-Shame Research Bibliography

  1. As a graduate student in global studies let me say, wow, and thanks. This is a phenomenal resource. Thanks for all of your efforts in promoting the paradigm of Honor-Shame cultures in furthering the Gospel.

  2. A couple articles might be added to this bibliography.

    “A New Clue for Muslim Witness: A Theology of Shame” in Evangelical Missions Quarterly Volume 30 Number 3, July 1994, pp. 294, 302 by Bruce Sidebotham


    “Cross-Cultural Apologizing: Considering Form and Function in Evangelical Missions Quarterly, March 29, 2018 web edition by Bruce Sidebotham

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