1 Peter: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase

My newest book is now available1 Peter: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase ($2.99).

Previous posts explain the cultural problem of all translations and how an Honor-Shame Paraphrase helps overcome the cultural gap

The epistle of 1 Peter explains the gospel in terms of honor and shame, perhaps better than any book in the Bible. In profound and practical ways, the apostle Peter teaches persecuted Christians how to follow and honor Jesus in the face of shame.

1 Peter: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase uncovers the social situation and theology of Peter’s letter. This paraphrase helps you discern anew Peter’s insights for theology, ethics, and ministry in today’s world. The book also includes a socio-historical introduction, theological summary, outline, and further resources. 

Buy now for just $2.99 on Kindle or PDF. You can click here to request a free review (for Amazon review, a journal, your blog, etc.) or exam (for classroom purposes) copy. 


“Here is an imaginative approach to First Peter . . . Georges captures well the cultural overtones and undertones of this ancient pastoral letter and its language of honor and shame. Lively paraphrase and imaginative dialogue between First Peter and two putative letters of a pastoral colleague in Cappadocia tease out the honor-shame nuances of this Petrine gem.”
—Dr. John H. Elliott, Professor Emeritus, University of San Francisco, author of 1 Peter, Anchor Bible Commentary

“Georges’ paraphrase helps us read 1 Peter from a fresh perspective. The Bible does not change, but our perspective on the biblical message can change. Georges understand this. His clear and simple prose sheds light on the pervasive influence of honor and shame within Peter’s letter. As a result, readers will gain a new appreciation for the relevance of 1 Peter for our daily lives.”
—Dr. Jackson Wu, professor to Chinese pastors, author of Saving God’s Face.

Your Response?

I am eager to hear your response, both positive and negative, to the Honor-Shame Paraphrase. So after you read the book please email at info@honorshame.com with your thoughts. 

This idea of an honor-shame paraphrase arose from the countless times I have heard Westerners says, “Wow, honor-shame cultures are soooo different…that blows my mind!” When I hear a comment like that, I wonder whether they realize the same cross-cultural dynamics occur in reading Scripture. I sense that people miss a lot when they read Scripture because they remain aware of the socio-cultural context, much like a short-term visitor to a foreign country.

People have positively received my previous attempts to paraphrase passages of Scripture (such as Matthew 5 in Ministering in HS Cultures). So this book is an effort to apply that approach to more of Scripture so people can grasp the cultural nuances. I feel like I am still working out the genre and form of “honor-shame paraphrase,” and that is why I’m eager to hear your responses. Thanks! 

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2 Comments on “1 Peter: An Honor-Shame Paraphrase

  1. Thank you for doing this translation. It really speaks to me. My father is now in his 80’s. He lives a sad, achohol and cigarrete stained life because he lives in the shame and loneliness of abandoning us 51 years ago and his second family while we were children. I have recently made contact with him and took him a bible and devotional book. I don’t spend much time with him but i am concerned that he speaks like someone who does not believe that he can be forgiven, even though his grown children try to take the best care of him. Will you pray with me for his salvation? I feel really helpless. He is ill now and still quite stubborn but God has given me love for him. Please pray with me.

    • Wairimu, I will pray for you and for your father. I am praying specifically Matthew 11:28-30, that your father may bring his shame burden to Jesus and find rest for his soul. In Christ, Audrey

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