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New book: Honor-Shame & Orality, by ION

The International Orality Network (ION) recently released Beyond Literate Western Contexts: Honor & Shame and the Assessment of Orality Preference (eds. by Samuel Chiang and Grant Lovejoy). This book compiles the papers presented at 2014’s ION consultation in Houston, TX.
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JANGLED–Short Film by Cru

Cru recently released JANGLED, a short film of 6 minutes dealing with the topic of shame. The film is not an “evangelistic presentation” per se, but a nicely produced “conversation starter” that can easily turn into a spiritual discussion about Jesus.
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3 Blogs about Shame at Ed Stetzer

Christianity Today’s recent cover article was “The Good News About Shame” by CT executive editor Andy Crouch. This week Ed Stetzer’s blog “The Exchange” is extending that conversation about shame and the gospel with a series of three blogsposts. “4 Keys to Evangelism in Honor-Shame
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“Good News for Shame” – CT’s Cover Story

The cover issue in this month’s Christianity Today is “The Good News about Shame” by Andy Crouch, and you’ll certainly want to read it.Crouch proposes American culture is becoming more shame-based. So consequently, “effective evangelism and discipleship in the next
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A Simple Evangelism Method

Originally posted at EvangelVision.ComI distinctly remember a 2006 conversation with a young Central Asian man named Farhad. It completely changed how I understand and share the gospel. After class, we were standing outside having a conversation about God. There was
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Honor & Shame 201–Training Video

I have created a new training video-“Honor & Shame 201“-for Christians ministering in honor/shame contexts. The video is 50 minutes long and includes 3 exercises that help people actively engage the topic. It covers honor/shame in 5 key areas of
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The Call of Abraham…to Honor (Gen 12)

The post concludes our series on Gen 1-12 (Gen 2, Imago Dei, The Fall, Gen 4-11). From the heights of glory and honor in Genesis 2, humanity has fallen to the depths of shame (Gen 3).  Every self-directed effort to
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New book: THE 3D GOSPEL

Learn how the gospel speaks to all cultures. Western theology emphasizes legal forgiveness of sins, but people in the Majority World seek honor or spiritual power.  In today’s globalized world, Christians need a three-dimensional gospel. Learn how the Bible speaks to cultures
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How Stories Change Honor Codes (I)

A friend Kent got in a taxi to travel between two Central Asian cities. In the car with him were the (male) driver, and two other men. Then a young girl was placed in the final seat by her father,
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How to Talk about Shame

How can you discuss shame?   It is hard to talk about shame, particularly with unbelievers.  It’s not the kind of thing people talk openly about.  That is the nature of shame:  it is hidden.  However, it is only when
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