A Complete Picture of Salvation

During a workshop about honor and shame, Kyle Wiebe of Create Taiwan drew “Perspectives” as her notes.

Though simple in form, I found myself staring and analyzing the images that portray honor-shame, power-fear, and innocence-guilt. I suspect others would fine the drawing fruitful for devotional or teaching purposes, so wanted to share. Click here to get a PNG. 



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5 Comments on “A Complete Picture of Salvation

  1. Call me dense, but I don’t fully understand the innocence pane. The other five are transparent to me. I am sure it is obvious, but I am just not sure. Can anyone make it plain to me?

    • I think the Kyle was using the imagery of prison to represent the legal/judicial concepts of guilt-innocence. The person with guilt is accused and punished, and salvation includes freedom from that scenario. …I think…

      • That makes sense. Thanks.

        The rest of the images are brilliant, but I wish there were barred windows or something to connect it to a prison analogy in the innocence pane. Or maybe chains that had fallen open.

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