Global Map of Culture Types

Cultures around the world perceive life and morality in different ways. This interactive map visualizes the primary culture type—i.e., guilt, shame, or fear—of each country in the world. 


Click here to open the interactive map. The map is best viewed on a computer (non smartphone) screen, in the full-screen mode (click rectangle icon in bottom right corner). To see the specific results, scroll over individual countries.
Use the filters on the right side to specify results. If an area is light gray, that means there is no data based on the filter parameters you selected. The filters represent the information that respondents inputted at the end of the TheCultureTest survey. The filters refer to the following: 
  • “Residency in Country” refers to the respondents’ relationship to the culture for which they answered the questions. That is, whether they answered the questions for their primary/birth culture or their host/secondary culture, and how long they have lived in that culture. 
  • “Ethnicity/Culture” is how the respondent self-identified the culture/ethnic group for which they answered the questions. Type a search term (i.e., “kurd” “asian-canadian” “anglo”), click enter, then select the terms you want visualized on the map)
  • The filters “Education,” “Age,” and “Sex” refer the respondents’ information about themselves (not the culture for which they answered the questions).
To view and download the data set for a particular country: click on a particular country, then on the popped-up bar click the “View Data”  symbol. As you interact with this map and the data, please be mindful of its limitations and issues.

Resources to Learn More

To learn your culture type, visit to take the free, 5-minute cultural survey. You can read about guilt/shame/fear in global cultures and the Bible. For a fuller explanation, read The 3D Gospel

This MissioNexus infographic nicely visualizes this information. This infographic summarizes the specific differences between Eastern/shame and Western/guilt cultures.  

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Project Credits

This data visualization map was created by Jayson Georges and designed by Lauren LaRochelle using Tableau Public software. The data comes from