New Resource: Interactive Global Map of Culture Types

If you like maps and cultures, you will love the new Interactive Global Map of Culture Types. This interactive map visualizes the anonymous data from 25,000+ results from The Culture Test. Of all the resources I have developed at, this one is my favorite!

The map provides a snapshot overview of global culture types and allows for deeper research into each country. My goal in developing this map is two-fold. One, to provide a quick overview of global cultures. Two, to make the data set from The Culture Test anonymous and publicly available for those interested in further research. Even after spending hours interacting with the map, I have only scratched the service in terms of uncovering cultural and global insights. Most people will enjoy playing around with the map, but some will be eager to dig into the numbers. Hopefully the interface will please both groups.

For complete instructions and copyright information, visit Please note the map should be viewed on a laptop or desktop screen.

A special thanks for Lauren LaRochelle for her excellent design work in this project!

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2 Comments on “New Resource: Interactive Global Map of Culture Types

  1. Fairly unexpected results within an Irish (southern) context, though I wonder whether it is skewed slightly by how many evangelical voices are represented which will always lean it more guilt based (?), I would have thought. I’ve used it a fair bit around the south here (printed the test and manually marked it) in universities and have predominantly got “medium shame” type results from local people who haven’t been fed an evangelical “guilt” narrative all their lives.

    Still fascinating stuff that will keep me thinking more – thank you!

  2. Have you thought about adding a 3rd, Fear-Power worldview component. That would be an important worldview component of many indigenous and animisitic people groups.

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