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You are invited to the inaugural conference of the Honor-Shame Network—a community to learn and work together for the sake of the gospel.

Can the gospel of Jesus Christ better engage today’s world—from unreached people groups to secular postmoderns to the global refugee crisisCould the gospel receive a better hearing with people caught in a world of sin and shame … cynicism and alienation … violence and displacement … defilement and exclusion … consumerism and emptiness … lostness in all its dimensions? How might we reframe the gospel in a way that is both biblically faithful and culturally meaningfulJune 19–21, 2017, Wheaton College.

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What are the aims of the conference?

  • Facilitate a networking and learning environment with leaders from a variety of disciplines and nations.
  • Seed new teams and projects around the world—to engage in research, experimentation and the development of new ministry resources.
  • Move toward normalizing honor-shame as an essential component of theological and missiological discourse—and gospel contextualization. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.43.41 PMIn June 2017 The Honor-Shame Network
will gather a learning community from North America and around the world—professors and educators, pastors and thought leaders, cross-cultural workers and creatives, professional practitioners and others.

Join us to reflect upon and explore what “honor-shame” means for a wide range of Christian disciplines—from theology to missiology, from pastoral ministry to orality, from counseling to the worship arts.

Learn more and register at www.HonorShame-Conference.comFor inquiries, write to Download the PDF announcement of the 2017 Honor-Shame Conference to share and post.


Plenary Presenters

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Dr. David A. deSilva, Professor, Ashland Theological Seminary

Reciprocity and Patronage in the New Testament: What Does it Mean for the Gospel Today?”


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Jayson Georges, MDiv, missionary,

“Honor and Shame in Christian Theology: Past, Present, Future”


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Dr. Paul R. Gupta, President, Hindustan Bible Institute, India

“The Gospel for Asia: More Biblical, Less Western?”


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Dr. Steve Hawthorne, editor, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

“The Honor and Glory of Jesus Christ—Heart of the Gospel and Mission of God”


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Dr. Brent Sandy, Professor, Wheaton College

“Honor and Shame in Ancient Culture and Biblical Interpretation”


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Dr. Jackson Wu, professor of theology in East Asia, blogger

“Why Honor and Shame Make Discipleship Possible”



There will be over 20 outstanding workshops from professors and practitioners from around the world!

  1. DJ Chuang: “Towards Erasing the Shame of Mental Illness”
  2. Rico Cortez: “The Function of the Day of Atonement in the Letter to the Hebrews”
  3. Sam Heldenbrand: “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel: Reframing the Messenger”
  4. Steve Hong: “Unlocking Evangelism in our Cities with an Honor-Shame Framework”
  5. Jeff Jackson: “Honor-Shame as a Crucial Component of a Local Church’s Ministry to Current or Former US military Members and their Families”
  6. Joyce Jow: “From Purity to Pollution: The Restoration of the Hemorrhaging Woman”
  7. Dr. Mark R. Kreitzer: “The Underlying Nakedness-Shame Motif in Scripture: Implications for Cross-Cultural Proclamation of the Gospel”
  8. Arley Loewen: “A Cruciform-Shaped Honor in Ministry”
  9. Werner Mischke: “The Gospel of the Kingdom for a World of Violence”
  10. Martin Munyao, David Tarus: “Tribalism and Identity: Tracing ‘From Shame to Honor’ Theme in Africa’s Identity Theology to Reframe the Gospel for Kenya”
  11. Dr. Larry Persons: “Clothing the Gospel in the Language of ‘Face’”
  12. Dr. Wilson Phang: “The Other 2/3rds of the Gospel: Good News for All People”
  13. Dr. Katie J. Rawson: “A Gospel that Reconciles: Teaching About Honor-Shame to Advance Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation”
  14. Dr. E. Randolph Richards: “Honor-Shame in the Gospel of John”
  15. Nolan Sharp: “Samuel as a Narrative Resource for National Reconciliation in Honor-Shame Cultures”
  16. Dr. Sheryl Takagi Silzer: “How the Honor-Shame Dynamic Works in East Asian Cultures”
  17. Randall Spacht, Lacides Hernandez; Juan Guillermo Cardona: “The 3D Gospel in Latin America”
  18. Randall Spacht, Lacides Hernandez; Juan Guillermo Cardona: “Honoring Students of Honor-Shame Workshops through Empowerment”
  19. Dr. Tom Steffen: “A Clothesline Theology for the World: How A Value Driven Metanarrative of Scripture Can Frame the Gospel”
  20. Dr. Lynn Thigpen: “Redeeming the Poverty-Shame Limited Education Cycle through Gracing”
  21. Russell Thorp: “Filling Gaps in Ministry in Melanesia through Understanding Honor and Shame”
  22. Dr. Patty Toland: “Redeeming and Strengthening Honor and Shame Practices in Church Relationships”
  23. Dr. Steve Tracy: “Abuse and Shame: How the Cross Transforms Shame”
  24. Robert Walter: “Grace in the Face of God”
  25. Robert Walter: “Four Dynamics for a Harvest in Honor-Shame Societies”
  26. Jerry Wiles: “Honor, Shame and the Gospel in the Orality Movement”
  27. Dr. Dan Wu: “Wrestling with Honour: Clarifying What Honour Is through the Concept of the Public Court of Reputation”
  28. Richard Yaqoub: “The Good Shepherd and Arab Patronage: Using the Biblical Motif of God as Shepherd to Help Form a Christology in the Language of 21st Century Arab Patron-Client Relationships”

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