You Owe Me…a 77-Second Survey! offers ministry resources and blog articles, FOR FREE. So, that means you have a small social debt to repay. I’ve offered you a few gifts (cognitive, not tangible), and now I’m knocking on your door…for a 77-second survey!

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Though I write and send a blogpost out every Wednesday, I have little idea who you readers are, or what you enjoy. So please help me increase the value of by completing this 77-second survey about your preferences. And if knowledge motivates you more than reciprocity, one randomly-selected respondent will win a copy of my next book (Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures). 

This survey will help improve to better accommodate the needs and interests of you readers.  Thanks for helping out. 



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2 Comments on “You Owe Me…a 77-Second Survey!

  1. Found it interesting that you used a guilt strategy (a dimension of honor/shame) to get people to respond to your survey. Was that intentional?

    • Guilt strategy? I was using reciprocity (past gifts) and generosity (free book), in an obviously blatant form. That was purposeful, as I was trying to add a sprinkle of humor to it.

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