Training Video: “Patronage 101: How Relationships Work”

Patronage 101: How Relationships Work” is a new, 5-minute explainer video about patronage in the Bible and ministry relationships. The video is available for free on YouTube.

This whiteboard video is a short introduction to the topic. If you want to go deeper, see the resources at or get the book Ministering in Patronage Cultures.

The video can be helpful in many contexts: team development, organizational equipping, pre-field training. Please feel free to share the video (no need to get permission). Other videos are available at

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2 Comments on “Training Video: “Patronage 101: How Relationships Work”

  1. Thank you! Well done and concise! I look forward to reading the book. When thinking of how to redeem the concept of patronage in Christian ministry I love the image of a steward alluded to at the end of the video. The steward of a wealthy man is honorable and influential, but only because of his connection to the wealthy man. He has the power to distribute gifts on behalf of his master, and gains clients for the master. The wealth he distributes is not really his, it is only entrusted to him and the ultimate praise and honor is for the master. Making us his stewards is one of the many ways Jesus raises our honor.

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