Do you often encounter HonorShame dynamics in your relationships?  Looking for tools for ministry in the Majority World?  Want to better explain the gospel among the nations?
Resourcing  “Are there any resources?”  Yes!  The weekly blog is the best forum to get equipped – be sure to subscribe.  The resource tab hosts practical tools and theology.  News updates and short reflections go out via Facebook .
Coaching Let’s interact via email, or Skype!  To network or get resourced person-to-person, send an email to initial the conversation. Whether you have a cultural question, want a recommended reading, or are working to contextualize the gospel for your context, I am available for informal coaching.
Training Live seminars are designed to practically equip Christians ministering among the nations, by joining God’s mission of honoring all people in Christ.  The goal of the training is three-fold: understand HonorShame in culture, see HonorShame in scripture, and use HonorShame in ministry.  The seminar employs narratives and collaborative discussion to foster reflection and application.  Examples from my experience in Central Asia, global events, and the participants’ ministry highlight the themes.  To inquire about a short presentation or whole day seminar, contact here.
“Thanks so much for coming and sharing your insight. I had more than a few students come up to me after you left and comment on how great the information was and how it’s immediately changing the way they look at ministry, and even the Bible. I totally agree.  It’s even helped me see myself a little more clearly. Great stuff and thanks again.” – Scott
“Personally, this presentation helped me see some big gaps in my life where shame has brought destruction in my life.  I have already begun to present the gospel to people from shame based cultures differently.  This presentation was used by God to really open my mind to the ways shame is spoken of in Scripture and how Christ’s salvation takes care of the problem in my life and in those from shame-based cultures.”  -Michael

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