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15 x 15 icon “Dignification: An Exegetical Soteriology of Honor” (Scottish Journal of Theology, 2013). 15 x 15 icon “From Shame to Honor: A Theological Reading of Romans for Honor-Shame Contexts” (Missiology, 2010). OTHERS’ ARTICLES 15 x 15 icon “The Saving Significance of the Cross in a Honduran Barrio” by Mark Baker. 15 x 15 icon “Beyond Near and Far: Jesus  Overcomes Shame and Alienation (Eph 2:11 – 22)” by Mako Nagasawa 15 x 15 icon “Asian American Spirituality Among White Evangelicalism” SLIDESHOW by Mako Nagasawa 15 x 15 icon “Biblical Theology From a Chinese Perspective: Interpreting Scripture through the Lens of Honor and Shame” by Jackson Wu (Global Missiology, 2013)


“Cliffnotes” to the biblical-theological message of particular books for HonorShame social contexts. 15 x 15 icon Gospel of John 15 x 15 icon Romans

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