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“BACK TO GOD’S VILLAGE”: the gospel for an HonorShame culture

Recount the biblical narrative in the language of HonorShame!  Here is the the full Central Asia script  and a general summary.  For coaching to craft a contextual gospel narrative,  email or contact here.

THEOLOGY -resources for understanding

 Theology Chart for Guilt, Shame, Fear Contexts (must subscribe to this blog to receive.)  Key Scriptures for HonorShame contexts  Paraphrase of Sermon on the Mount, for HonorShame contexts  Theology of Incarnation   Muslim Apologetics -Explaining Jesus’ incarnation, sonship, and crucifixion to Muslims  Theological Terms, Redefined for HonorShame contexts   Reconstructing Honor Codes Via Orality  

EVANGELISM- tools for proclaiming

EVANGELISTIC  METHODS  Use the “4 Spiritual Laws”. This example uses the traditional format, but contextualizes the content.  Retell a Gospel story of Jesus healing shame, such as Mark 5 (the demon-possessed man, dead girl, and bleeding women) or Luke 15 (the Prodigal Son).  Study the Bible focusing on HonorShame, in either salvation history or the life of Jesus. EVANGELISTIC TOOLS BY OTHERS  “Broken Diagrams” by InterVarsity – diagrams presenting the the gospel in a way that makes sense to relationship oriented people.   “The Father’s Love” by Werner Mischke – a booklet with drawings and questions based on the Prodigal Son.  For Chinese contexts, “Theology From a Box” by Jackson Wu – a 20 pg article explaining the diagram.

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  1. From the context of ministering in Africa : This is so needed. Great resources. Thank you. We need more examples of contextualized tools for proclaiming.

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