The Face of Shame in Brideknapping

Newsweek published the article “Grab and Run: Kyrgyzstan’s Bride’s Knapping” by photojournalist Noriko Hayashi-Panos (Nov 4, 2013). The images capture the sentiments and power of shame.  

Bride knapping occurs primarily in rural areas, often when young men are too impoverished to pay the traditional bride price.  Although bride knapping is officially illegal, the shame of singleness prompts young men to aggressively take young ladies.  Shame is transferred, as the faces in these pictures reveal. Do you see the face of shame?

kidnap4 A man and relative trying to convince the girl to marry.  


kidnap7 After consenting to marriage (symbolized by the white headscarf). 


kidnap17 The funeral of a girl who killed herself after being bride-knapped. 

For the complete Newsweek article and 17 images, click here.  

Have you seen other pictures of shame? Please link them below. 

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