L’Évangile en 3D (FR) & 3D Евангелие (RU) are here!!

The book The 3D Gospel is now available in French (L’Évangile en 3D) and Russian (3D Евангелие). They are each $7.99 at Amazon.

I’m particularly excited for how these works may be used in the many Francophone and Russian-speaking regions of the world. If you know people working in those parts of the world, please email this post to them.
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The same “special offers” apply to the English, French, and Russian versions.
  • The “Theology Chart” is available to all for free.
  • The PDF is available for free to anyone teaching on the topic. To request, email event details (whom, where, when) to info@HonorShame.com
  • A bulk discount is available for all languages (50 paperbacks for $225USD–$4.50/ea).
A special thanks to the Varaks and Gatins for so generously providing excellent translations–merci and spasiboThe Spanish version of The 3D Gospel and TheCultureTest.com will be available in a few months.  

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