Workshops for the 2020 Honor-Shame Conference

A highlight of the first Honor-Shame Conference (2017) was the many diverse and insightful workshops. And yet, the workshops slated for the 2020 Honor-Shame Conference (June, Wheaton College) looks even more promising. I’ve already got “choice anxiety”! The full list of 40+ presenters and their topics is below. Which ones seem interesting to you?

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Workshops for 2020 Honor-Shame Conference

  1. Erik Aasland, missionary, trainer, professor: “Understanding Honor-Shame in Cultural Context”
  2. Cameron D. Armstrong, IMB missionary; teacher at Bucharest Baptist Theological Institute; author, Listening Between the Lines: Thinking Missiologically about Romanian Culture: “Shame is Mightier than the Sword”
  3. Gerry Breshears, Professor of Systematic Theology and Chair of the Division of Biblical and Theological Studies at Western Seminary: “Abrahamic Aspects of Righteousness: Seven Cultural Dimensions”
  4. Yi-Sang Patrick Chan, Langham Scholar; PhD candidate at Fuller Seminary: “Guilt and Shame: Chinese Indigenous Psychology and Empirical Hermeneutics”
  5. David Dicken, crisis counselor, Crisis Text Line, and certified teacher at National Alliance on Mental Illness: “Honor, Shame, and Suicide”
  6. Duane Elmer, director of the PhD program in educational studies and the G. W. Aldeen Chair of International Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School: [workshop title to be announced]
  7. John Ferch, Associate Pastor, Hope Church, St. Louis, Missouri: “Honor-Shame in Relational Leadership Development Among the Inuit”
  8. Audrey Frank, fellow at The Truth Collective; author, The Face of Honor and Shame in the Muslim World: [workshop title to be announced]
  9. Sam George, Director of Global Diaspora Institute at Wheaton College and global catalyst for Diasporas for the Lausanne Movement: “Gospel for Hybrid Diaspora Cultures: How Children of Immigrants Handle Guilt and Shame”
  10. Nijay Gupta, Associate Professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary, “From Victims and Pariahs to Warriors and Heroes: Paul’s Use of Warfare Metaphors to Shape Christian Social Identity”
  11. Robert E. Haynes, Director, Education & Leadership at World Methodist Evangelism: “Why Simply ‘Loving the Sinner and Hating the Sin’ Doesn’t Work Anymore: Evangelism in Western Honor-Shame Contexts”
  12. Cathy Hine, mission practitioner, co-founder of When Women Speak: “Writing My Own Ending: The Power of Story to Overcome Shame”
  13. Sunny Hong, intercultural consultant with SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators: “Honor and Shame in the Book of Ruth in Light of Diaspora Ministry”
  14. Alan Howell, Visiting Professor of Missions at Harding University: “Honor-Shame in an African Folk Islamic Context: Mozambique”
  15. Mary James, Pioneers church planter in Arabian Peninsula ’92–’18; conference organizer, trainer: “Ostracized not Rotten”
  16. Philip Jamieson, President, United Methodist Foundation for the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences: “‘Have You No Shame?’ Western Theology and the Rediscovery of our Biblical Heritage”
  17. Joshua Jipp, Associate Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; author, Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology: “Pauline Economics and the Transformation of Value”
  18. Jukka Kääriäinen, Mission Theologian, Office for Global Mission, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland: “Luther’s Anthropology of Simul Justus et Peccator as Pastoral Care for the Shamed”
  19. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, author of the five-volume systematic theology, A Constructive Christian Theology for the Pluralistic World; Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary: “Honor and Shame in a Theological Perspective” 
  20. Sam Kim, Assistant Professor of E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary: “The Concept of Shame in World Religions: Eastern Asia and the Middle East”
  21. Te-Li Lau, Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, author, Defending Shame: Its Formative Power in Paul’s Letters: “Defending Shame: Its Formative Power in Paul’s Letters”
  22. David Liles, career missionary in Peru with Bible Baptist Fellowship Int’l (BBFI): “Communication of Honor in New Testament Church Discipline Mandate Passages”
  23. Arley Loewen, Director of Pamir Ministries, author and subject matter expert on Afghanistan: “Honor and Sharia Law”
  24. Michael Matthews, author, A Novel Approach: The Significance of Story in Interpreting and Communicating Reality: “Shame on Jesus: The True Path to Honor in the Book of Hebrews”
  25. Samuel Melvin, founder of The Church and Race Ministries: “Honor-Shame’s Impact on the Quest For Racial Unity”
  26. David Mough, career missionary; trainer in cross-cultural church planting, Ethnos360: “Preparing for Honor-Shame Peoples: The Story of Ethnos360 in H-S Training and Ministry”
  27. Grace Sangalang Ng, PhD student, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University: “The Holy Spirit’s Transformation of Shame into Honor in Romans 8”
  28. Juliet November, author and cross-cultural worker in Thailand: “Honor-Shame in Ethnic Partnerships for Christian Movies”
  29. Stan Nussbaum, missionary, researcher, or trainer in 20+ countries; founder of; author, A Reader’s Guide to Transforming Mission: “Having What it Takes: The Biblical Panorama Story from an Honor/Shame Perspective”
  30. E. Randolph Richards, co-author, Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes: Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible; Professor of Biblical Studies and Provost at Palm Beach Atlantic University:  “Shaming as a Virtuous Action”
  31. Ken Roberts serves with Pioneers Int’l, and has walked alongside Hindus in India and America for over 10 years: “Honor, Shame, and Good News in the Hindu Context”
  32. Narry F. Santos, co-editor, Mission and Evangelism in a Secularizing World: Academy, Agency, and Assembly Perspectives from Canada; Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Intercultural Leadership at Tyndale Seminary, Toronto: “Jesus’ Honor-Shame Engagement with Gentiles in the Gospel of Mark: Missiological Implications for the Church in a Multicultural City”
  33. William H. Senyard, President, Gospel App Ministries (church revitalization and transformation): “Are You a Guilt-Innocence or Honor-Shame Church?”
  34. Chris Sneller, Director of Innovation, Bridges International (a division of Cru): “Honor Restored: The Compelling Story of Creating an Honor-Shame Gospel App”
  35. Benjamin Straub, Dean of Bible at Central Africa Baptist College and Seminary in Zambia: “Honor, Shame, and Martyrdom in the Early African Church: An Examination of Tertullian’s African Worldview and Context”
  36. Syed Ibn Syed, Muslim background believer from India; author, Try Me, I am Jesus, and owner-manager of “The Key to Reaching Muslims Effectively Employing Honor-Shame Concepts in Sharing the Gospel”
  37. Gregg Ten Elshof, Professor of Philosophy, Biola University; author, Confucius for Christians: “For Shame”
  38. Trey Thomas, cross-cultural trainer, East Asia: “How Honor-Shame Has Shaped My Personal Life & Ministry”
  39. Patricia Toland, missionary with WEC since 1990: “Identifying Characteristics of Leaders who Honor Biblically”
  40. Rod Van Schooten, leader with C&MA in Hong Kong, ministry focus of ‘Soul Care’ among church leaders in China: “Soul Formation in an Honor-Shame Context”
  41. Edwin Roy Zehner, author, Unavoidably Hybrid: Thai Buddhist Conversions to Evangelical Christianity: “Reconfiguring Honor-Shame Discourses: Making Missiology and Anthropology Better ‘Friends’”

Visit for an updated list of presentations. The conference is not a function of Wheaton College

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