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The 3 Kinds of Honor

The three types of honor are bad honor, good honor, and eternal honor. People use the same word “honor” for all three, and this causes confusion. Failing to note the three kinds of honor affects our discipleship and theology. So here
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The 3 Sources of Honor

Please help with improving HonorShame.com. Take this super-short survey so we can learn more about readers and your preferences. The survey takes just 77 seconds.  Thanks! ~JaysonHonor is like vitamin C—you know where it comes from (oranges) and what is produces (a stronger immune
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The 3 Dimensions of Honor

I have been writing about honor for three years now. So, I guess it’s time to define the word honor.Defining honor is like catching the wind—it is all around you, but you can’t get your hands on it. Honor is
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