The Patronage Symposium: 3 Quick Must-Knows

The Patronage Symposium will gather people to examine the gospel for patron-client contexts. To learn more, visit Here are three related announcements:

1. Registration Ending Soon (Feb 10)

The Patronage Symposium will be limited to ~40 people to foster substantive discussions. To request an official invitation, please complete this form by February 10. 

2. A Great Video

This 5-minute video by Richard Yaqoub (a co-organizer of The Patronage Symposium) is a wonderful explanation of patronage in the Bible and ministry. The contextual explanations of Ezekiel 34 and John 10 are particularly insightful.

3. Dr. John Barclay to Participate

Dr. John Barclay, Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University and author of Paul and the Gifttentatively plans to join us at The Patronage Symposium, presenting on “How does the Christ-Gift Alter the Operations of Patronage? Theological reflections from the New Testament.” The participation of such a renown New Testament scholar will establish a strong biblical foundation for the conversation on patronage.

To learn more about The Patronage Symposium, visit

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