Honor-Shame at Missio Nexus Conference

The upcoming Missio Nexus Conference—Partnership—will have several honor-shame related events, along with many other great opportunities and speakers.

Here are some of the honor-shape events:

1. TheCultureTest.com

In this week’s email to all attenders, Missio Nexus is inviting all attenders to take TheCultureTest.com. Missio Nexus president Ted Esler will summarize the data in his opening “who’s here” address. So if you are going to Partnership, be sure to click that link take TheCultureTest!

2. Workshop

Werner Mischke will lead a workshop “Giving Honor: A Key to Healthy Cross-Cultural Partnerships” (Friday at 3:30p) in the executive leadership tract. Here is the workshop summary:

Objective 1: Observe from Scripture and social science that RIVALRY was a problem in the N.T. world; correspondingly, honor competition and rivalry was a major challenge for the N.T. church.
Objective 2: Examine what rivalry and honor competition look like in mission agencies, networks, or cross-cultural partnerships today. Bring to the surface honor-status issues that often remain unstated in cross-cultural collaboration.

Objective 3: Explore the Scriptures showing Jesus and Paul revealing that serving and “giving honor” undermine rivalry and honor competition.
Objective 4: Consider what “giving honor” looks like in cross-cultural partnerships today. It often looks like empathic listening.

The corresponding article will be in the October 2018 issue of EMQ.

3. Display Table 

You can connect with the Honor-Shame Network at Missio Nexus. Werner Mischke is representing the Honor-Shame Network, one of the 30 global mission networks featured as part of the “Network Hub.” To connect, visit the Honor-Shame Network display at the Network Hub during networking times, or email Werner at werner@mission1.org.
Hopefully you can attend and benefit from these events. And don’t forget about the 7 honor-shame papers at the national EMS gathering

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