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The Iraq War & ISIS began with a Cultural Miscue

The Iraq War has cost America 3 trillion dollars, claimed over 100,000 lives, and helped create ISIS. So, what triggered this spectacular catastrophe? Many factors caused the Iraq War, but the precipitating cause seems to be the West’s inability to grasp the
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5 Rude Things Honor-Shame Cultures Say

Guest Colin E. Andrews has lived in Central Asia for 10 years and Southeast Asia for 4 years. Every culture has unwritten rules about what is rude and what is polite.  Conflict in cross-cultural communication happens when two cultures have a
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How HS Cultures Dialogue (II)

How do we as Christians respond to verbal duels for honor? The  previous blog introduced ‘verbal jousting’; this blog explores practical ‘fencing moves’ for Christian workers in HonorShame contexts.  Once I learned about verbal jousting, I recognized it often (especially
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