Back to God’s Village (gospel animation)

Do You Want Face? (presentation by Jackson Wu)

Honor & Shame 101 (explainer video)

Healing Honor (gospel video)

Prodigal Son (sermon by Ken Bailey)

MINISTRY OF HONORIFICATION (how we can honor others)  

Africa Mercy Ship (60 Minutes)

Because who is Perfect? (mini documentary by Pro Infirmus)

The Baby Drop Box (Documentary Trailor)


Honor & Shame 201 (ministry training video)           Click here for outline

Listening to Shame (TED talk by Brene Brown, esp. 13:00-end)

Redneck Challenge (Duck Dynasty clip)

The Honor Code (Appiah’s explanation)

Jangled (an evangelistic short-film by Cru)Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.32.44 PM

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  1. Thanks for these free resources. I really appreciate them. The book lists are great. Are there audio resources available that teach the same material? Thanks

    • Nathan, I’m sure there are, but haven’t compiled them since I prefer to read stuff myself. I’m glad you mentioned this though; I’ll try to compile audio resources as I encounter them and get them posted.

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