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HonorShame.com offers practical tools and training for Christians ministering in honor-shame contexts. Though honor-shame is the primary “operating system” for 80% of the world, its remains a significant blind spot in Western culture, theology, and missiology. This website www.HonorShame.com develops and advocates a biblical missiology for honor-shame cultures, so that all peoples will sing, “My salvation and honor depend on God” (Ps 62:7).

This site was founded by Jayson Georges in 2013, and in 2016 became the digital platform of the Honor-Shame Network. We desire for HonorShame.com to be a platform for many practitioners to share resources and ideas. So, we welcome guest posts in the areas of Christian theology and ministry (click here for more information).

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  1. Franklin Williams says:

    Hi Jayson

    I am taking a moment to say thank you for your work and this site. I found it recently while researching to better my understanding of honor. I have been reading your series “Defining Honor” and it has helped me to crystallize some concepts of honor. I find value in the aspect of honor Inclusion and Exultation. That was one area which I had not had a “feel” for but was lacking good terminology for expression.

    I am doing a person study of Men’s Work/Men’s Development. Currently looking at honor through the approach of the Tactical Masculine Virtues outline by Jack Donovan in his Way of Men books(Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor), and the lens of Male development (Red Knight, White Knight and Black Knight sequence)presented by Robert Bly in “Iron John”.

    I feel I should disclaim that my deeply held spirituality has a personal mystical basis, I am not and would not want a Christian or Biblical personal system. That said I have been touched deeply by certain Christian theologians. Henri Nouwen with his thoughts on what Ministry is and Hospitality in particular. To build places / create opportunities for the stranger the other may enter and feel safe and free to explore their and share their gifts is a personal mission of mine which came from reading Henri works.

    I am still just starting to read through the posts here, but there an aspect I am hoping to see your thoughts on. The “Honor-Group” and the various differentiated honor-groups which we become part of. My thought is that there are many in our lives and they will have different aspects and sometimes conflicting calls on our honor. Example the acceptance and exultation at ones Job vs ones Family vs ones Local Church / Faith Group vs the larger “religion” vs the “State” (to be an American vs to be a US Citizen). This is one area I am looking to gain more relationship to: “How do I remain faithful and in authentic honorable relationship within the various groups”.

    This seems to me like a rich area for consideration. How can I be honorable and authentic when I am faced with groups that have different calls on me. How do I set boundaries between the potential honor-groups. Also the question of size, can being an “American” or a “Christian” be considered a true honor-group. Is there a size limit for what we should consider a honor-group to be.

    I am curious to see what I find in your work here about those concepts.

    Thank You for your work.

    • HonorShame says:

      Thanks Franklin for sharing about your recent journey. Yes, all people participate in various, and often competing, honor groups. The better we understand those dynamics, the better we can navigate and live well within those communities.

  2. Carol Kendall says:

    This last year I read “Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes,” which opened MY eyes to the narrow view we Westerners have of reltionships in general and the Bible in particular.
    Today I was looking for an explanation of Charis (Grace), and found your site. I’m blown away, and looking forward to exploring it. I expect to gain a better understanding of the Bible in the process, as well as the thinking processes and values of Jews and early Christians.

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