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Spring Courses for Honor & Shame

I will be teaching an intensive course “Theology of Honor & Shame,” May 15-17 at Eternity Bible College (Simi Valley, CA). This 2-unit course is also listed for credit through Western Seminary. The morning session (9am-2pm) will be seminar discussions
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Register for Early-Bird Discount: The 2017 Honor-Shame Conference

Register now for the  Honor-Shame Conference (June 17-19, 2017 at Wheaton) to save $40. This discount is only for the first 100 registrants, so the price will increase soon.This event will help you go deeper into the topic of honor and shame through collaborating,
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Free Resources from Honor-Shame released several free resources in 2016, all towards the aim of “mainstreaming a biblical missiology for honor-shame contexts.” Feel free to share these resources with others. You can forward this email, or click here to share via Facebook.Global Insights—This 3-page
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Top 10 Honor-Shame Posts of 2016

Here are the top blogposts from for 2016. Merry Christmas!10. Does Christ Impute Honor?9. Infographic: How Cultures Clash8. An Olympic Lowlight7. The 3 Kinds of Honor6. 12 Proven Facts About Honor Cultures5. 6 Keys for Relationships in Honor-Shame Cultures4. A Global Map
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Why Grace Is Hard for Me as an Asian American

There is a great post at TGC by Jeremy Yong (D.Min., SBTS), the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Hacienda Heights in southern California—”Why Grace Is Hard for Me as an Asian American.” He discusses the nature of gifts/grace in his Asian-American
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REGISTER NOW: The 2017 Honor-Shame Network Conference

You can now register for “Honor, Shame, & the Gospel“—the Honor-Shame Network Conference at Wheaton College, June 2017! The price of $309 is all-inclusive—the conference, lodging, meals and snacks. Register soon because the price increases every 50 registrants! This event will help
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The Gospel of Honor…according to White, Southern, Antebellum Evangelicals

Robert Elder (PhD, Emory) is Assistant Professor of History at Valparaiso University. His book The Sacred Mirror: Evangelicalism, Honor, and Identity in the Deep South, 1790-1860 (UNC Press, 2016) explores the role of honor-shame among antebellum southern evangelicals. This is
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New Teaching Videos

David deSilva and Jackson Wu have released new teaching videos about honor and shame in the Bible. These are great resources for people wanting a deeper, biblical understanding of honor and shame. Click the links or images below to watch on
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You Owe Me…a 77-Second Survey! offers ministry resources and blog articles, FOR FREE. So, that means you have a small social debt to repay. I’ve offered you a few gifts (cognitive, not tangible), and now I’m knocking on your door…for a 77-second survey!Though I
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The Face of Shame in Brideknapping

Newsweek published the article “Grab and Run: Kyrgyzstan’s Bride’s Knapping” by photojournalist Noriko Hayashi-Panos (Nov 4, 2013). The images capture the sentiments and power of shame.  Bride knapping occurs primarily in rural areas, often when young men are too impoverished
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The 2017 Honor-Shame Conference: Save the Date!

You are invited to the inaugural conference of the Honor-Shame Network—a community to learn and work together for the sake of the gospel. Professors and educators, pastors and thought leaders, cross-cultural workers and creatives, professional practitioners and others will gather at
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This 3-page document “GLOBAL INSIGHTS for Leading and Ministering in Honor-Shame Contexts” compiles the very best reflections from the recent online learning forum at Synergy Commons.The concise format makes all the ideas accessible and stimulating. This could be used as a discussion tool for
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The Real Problem with Evil and Suffering

Evil and suffering are a P.R. nightmare for God. “How could there be a God when … ?” You’ve heard the arguments. Apparently, God is not being God, and this requires some explanation. The answer to the question of why
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A Story of Dignity and Reconciliation

In this short video “Stolen Cattle,” Dr. Mark Baker (Professor of Mission and Theology, Fresno Pacific University) tells an inspiring story about proactive peacemaking, restorative justice, and missional honoring. Farmers of a Mennonite colony in Paraguay were losing their cattle to
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L’Évangile en 3D (FR) & 3D Евангелие (RU) are here!!

The book The 3D Gospel is now available in French (L’Évangile en 3D) and Russian (3D Евангелие). They are each $7.99 at Amazon. I’m particularly excited for how these works may be used in the many Francophone and Russian-speaking regions of the
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Did Bathsheba Seduce David?

Did Bathsheba purposefully seek to seduce David when bathing? Some books say Bathsheba “intended” to be seen by the king, presumably to seduce David and get closer to the seat of power. But I think this is misreading Scripture. The Bible portrays
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Biola Course on Shame

  “Honor & Shame Themes in Scripture & Ministry .” A graduate level course from Biola University, School of Intercultural Studies. Chang Mai, Thailand. A one-week intensive in August 8-12, 2016. Taught by Dr. Tom Steffen, this course investigates the roles of
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“In the Form of God” (Phil 2:6)

Guest Joseph Hellerman (Ph.D., UCLA) is Professor of NT Language and Literature at Talbot School of Theology. His publications, both scholarly and practical, examine aspects of honor and shame in the New Testament. This post adapts portions of his latest book, an
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An Objective View of Shame

Evangelicals commonly perceive shame as just subjective and personal, thus negating the theological and objective dimensions of shame. In this recent post (reposted with permission), Jackson Wu offers a more complete view of both guilt and shame. This topic is crucial, since
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Culture Profile: Thailand

Chris Flanders (Ph.D. Fuller) is Director of the Halbert Institute of Missions at Abilene Christian University. He lived 11 years in Thailand doing church planting, and has published About Face. What does honor & shame look like in your context? Honor/shame is like gravity. It is everywhere, it
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